Xcellerate35™ by Beverly Hills Formulators 

Direct from Los Angeles, the epicenter of ageless beauty and aesthetics, Beverly Hills Formulators brings you its breakthrough formula for thinning hair. Four years in the making, Beverly Hills Formulators are the first clinician group to create an over-the-counter solution to effectively promote hair growth at the cellular level. 

 Introducing Xcellerate35™ - the holy grail of hair. 

For the first time ever, Beverly Hills Formulators is offering its specialized, patented formula to the general public. With the help of powerful amino acids, Xcellerate35™ promotes hair development by strengthening the follicle and shaft for increased volume, density and length.

How it Works 
Stress, environment and diet can all lead to premature hair loss due to a deficiency of amino acids. By replenishing the required amino acids for hair development through its formulation, Xcellerate35™ actually arms your follicles with the tools necessary to re-develop your hair. Studies show that the addition of amino acids can help damaged hair regain its hydrophobicity, by filling in gaps in the cuticle, while adding additional strength and moisture to the hair. With a proprietary blend of 35 specialized, lab-tested ingredients, Xcellerate35™ promises hair regrowth that is denser, thicker and longer than ever before. 

The Xcellerate35™ specialized formula works not only by increasing the diameter of each hair follicle itself, but also by increasing the number of hair follicles per square inch. The vasodilatory effect of the Xcellerate35™ patented formula promotes hair development by generating nitrogen oxide which opens the potassium channels and encourages blood flow to the hair cells. As blood supply to the hair root improves, hair growth is stimulated, and the results are remarkable.

Clinical Results 
This revolutionary product, formulated by one of the leading laboratories in hair care, has endured stringent testing, with repeated, proven results. 

The current Xcellerate35™’ formula was independently tested and shown to accelerate hair release and recovery via increased hair density by an average of 221.75% over non-treated hair. The trial, which was conducted using half-head methodology with a singular group of participants, saw an increase in hair density by 520.4% on the side that was treated, compared to an average of 298.65% on the non-treated side, after only 14 days. 

The independent, clinical trial photographically documented and analyzed each stage in the progression of the treatment using high-resolution scientifically matched photography with PhotoGrammetrix™ Image Analysis, to produce resounding photos that serve as scientific evidence of the efficacy of Xcellerate35™.